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Farmers need access to all parts of the farm, sometimes in bad weather. A well designed, well laid farm road can contribute significantly to health and safety on the farm and the avoidance of unnecessary and often costly farm accidents.

Farm animals, such as cows, need to travel to and from the milking parlour, often more that once a day. Good farm roads improve the overall safety and efficiency at milking time. For further information on how you can improve on your farm roadways

Farm roadway in Coachford

This roadway in Coachford was laid 10 Years ago, 150 -200 cattle use it everyday and it has never had to be maintained.

We supply the following materials:

  • Crushed Stone: These come in 2 sizes: 2″ and 4″.
  • Screenings: These come in 2 sizes: 3/4″ and 1½”.
  • -8 Quarry Dust: This is an extra fine dust used to finish off roadways.
Agriculture | Farming Products