O’Neills Tumbled Granite 100 – 200mm

O'Neills Tumbled Granite 100-200mm
O'Neills Tumbled Granite 100-200mm
O'Neills Tumbled Granite 100-200mm

Speckled Granite Eggs 15 – 30mm

Celtic Mist Green 20mm

Granite Feature Rocks

Granite Feature Rocks

Weathered Limestone Karst Rocks

Granite Boulders

Scottish Cobbles 30 – 50mm

Scottish Cobbles 30 - 50mm

Decorative Stone Garden

Decorative Concrete Spheres


Stone is a natural product & may vary in colour & shade, also colour changes from wet to dry stone.

Finbarr O'Neills Quarry Range

O'Neills Quarry Range

We produce stone and plum slate from our quarries in Ovens and Glenville. This stone comes in various sizes from 1/4″ (6mm) to 8″ (200mm). Our Plum Slate is extremely popular and is in demand all over Ireland. We have also exported to Holland.
We also have ornamental boulders for gardens.

We produce Dripsey River Tumbled Boulders, Blue River Limestone Boulders and Gold Rockery Sandstone.

Our boulders are available in a variety of sizes including: 50mm-100mm, 100mm-150mm, 150mm-300mm, 300mm-600mm and 600mm-1000mm.

These boulders make a beautiful addition to any rockery area, Japanese garden, patio display or water feature.

Other Quarry Ranges

Other Ranges

We stock a wide variety of stone from other areas in the country.

We stock a large range of decorative stone in various colours and sizes which include

  • pebbles
  • round stone
  • chippings
  • slate.

Ideal for

  • driveways
  • paths
  • flowerbeds
  • shrubbed areas.


Stone provides excellent ground cover, allows air and water through to the soil, is maintenance free and lasts a lifetime. As the stone is heavier than bark mulch, it stays on the ground and is not blown away.
This stone can be put straight on the soil around plants and shrubs, but for best results a mypex membrane can be used which permits water and air through and suppresses weeds.

We have our own range of sandstone which is produced from our quarries in Ovens and Glenville and we also stock a variety of stone from other areas in the country.

We also produce our own unique O’Neills plum slate (sandstone) which comes in four different sizes – 40mm, 20mm, 14mm and 6mm. This product has proven extremely popular and is distributed nationwide.

We deliver stone to various locations throughout Ireland, including Northern Ireland. We have also exported stone abroad to Holland.

Supply Options:

  • Delivered Loose
  • Delivered in 1 ton bags
  • Delivered in ½ ton bags
  • Delivered in 25kg bags
  • Collected Ex-Works