Readymix Concrete | Mortar Products

Finbarr O’Neill Ltd has produced readymix concrete and mortars since 1986 for residential, local authority, agricultural and industrial use.
We have two computerized and automated batching plants which ensure the production of high quality readymix concrete.
All concrete is certified to I.S. EN 206-1:2002 Concrete Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity.

Readymix Concrete
Readymix Concrete

Readymix Concrete

Standard concrete mixes are available in strengths from: 7N – 10N – 15N – 20N – 25N – 30N – 35N – 40N – 45N – 50N
These can be supplied with 20mm or 10mm maximum aggregate size for a finer finish. Staff at O’Neills can advise on the appropriate concrete mix and quantity to suit your needs. We have our own in-house state of the art quality control laboratory for testing our products.
Specialised concrete mixes are also available . These include :

  • Concrete pump mixes for use in pumping applications
  • Polypropylene fibre concrete to reduce shrinkage & surface cracking. Air entrained concrete for freeze thaw conditions e.g. kerb mixes
  • Superplasticised concrete for enhanced slump or lower water/cement ratio.
  • Fine Mixes for Imprinting Concrete


We supply trowel ready , blocklaying and plaster mortar (8hr, 24hr & 36hr).

Finbarr O’Neill Ltd have supplied Readymix concrete and mortar to a number of significant projects in the Cork area in the past :
Councils & Local Authorities, Multi-national pharmaceutical companies e.g. Pfizers, Schering Plough, Bam Civil & the Farming community.