Time to top up your Plum Slate!

Summer is finally after arriving. Now is the perfect time to get plum slate on all your garden beds that are showing weeds and top-up existing beds that may have had their stone scattered over the winter by cats, dogs and even birds. Stone is ideal to suppress weeds as it’s a good ground cover. Plum Slate allows the water through unlike bark mulch which tends to absorb the rainwater and so it remains constantly damp which damages the roots of the plants and can cause them to rot away. For a total weed free area Plum slate should be used with a weed barrier membrane, but can be used without also where it’s not practical to apply a membrane.

Plum slate is also good to deter slugs and snails from beds as it’s not the ideal environment for them as the stone keeps the area drier and the sharp sides of the plum slate make it impossible for the slugs or snails to crawl on top of. This is a great environmental friendly way of deterring slugs from other areas of the garden for the birds to pick up , letting nature do its job the way it should be without using sprays or chemical pesticide deterrents, which are harmful to the environment.

It is advisable to put a good wide area of plum slate between beds and grass as this will help to deter the slugs and snails from the planted areas.

Gravel or pebbles don’t hold well on slopes or inclines but Plum Slate Mulch is ideal because of its shape and weight, it does not slide and will stay in place. Finbarr O’Neill has supplied Plum Slate Mulch for decorative coverings for road-side embankments, traffic circles, business premises and gardening exhibits.

Plum Slate comes in 4 sizes: 1/4″ (6mm), 1/2″ (14mm), 3/4″ (20mm) and 1 1/2″ (40mm).

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