O’Neills Garden Boulders

O’Neill’s Boulders make a beautiful addition to any water feature, Japanese garden or rockery area.

Our boulders come in a variety of sizes including 50mm-100mm,100mm-150mm, 150mm-300mm, 300mm-600mm and 600mm-1000mm.

We provide Dripsey River Tumbled Boulders, Blue River Limestone Boulders, Gold Rockery Sandstone, Kilkenny Blue Limestone Boulders, Green Boulders, Plum Boulders and Glacial Boulders.

O’Neills Boulders can instantly turn any dull patio/ garden into a peaceful, tranquil garden space.

Large & Small Quantities delivered to anywhere in Europe.

For more information, our main office can be reached on 021-4871933.

Alternatively, our quarry can be contacted on 021-7331325.