Our Latest Office Display in Celebration of Mothers Day

Our harp is lit up purple and our tree has a new topper and ribbon all in celebration of Mothers Day this Sunday.

Our latest outdoor display has been created using O’Neill’s decorative plum slate.

O’Neill’s Plum Slate has a variety of uses around your garden.

Plum slate is a much tidier option for garden beds as it does not blow away easily as opposed to bark mulch.

Plum slate prevents your plants from drying out in hot conditions, but is also extremely beneficial to your plants during the winter months as plum slate does not store water unlike bark mulch which can act like a sponge remaining constantly damp during times of poor weather.

O’Neill’s plum slate is also a natural slug repellent, meaning you do not have to expose you or your plants to the toxic chemicals found in slug repellents.

Gravel or pebbles don’t hold well on slopes or inclines but Plum Slate Mulch is ideal because of its shape and weight, it does not slide and will stay in place. Finbarr O’Neill has supplied Plum Slate Mulch for decorative coverings for road-side embankments, traffic circles, business premises and gardening exhibits.
Plum Slate comes in 4 sizes: 1/4″ (6mm), 1/2″ (14mm), 3/4″ (20mm) and 1 1/2″ (40mm).
To order contact Finbarr O’Neill Ltd. Head Office on +353 21 4871933 or email reception@finbarroneill.ie