Gabions are cages or boxes filled with rocks. Gabion stones make walls and landscaping elements aesthetically appealing while still being structurally sound.

You can add a unique, rustic look to your garden by building a gabion wall or using gabion baskets as design elements.

Advantages of Using Gabion Stones

  • Gabion walls are incredibly tough and built to last up to fifty years, compared to a fifteen- or twenty-year lifespan of wooden or chain link fencing.
  • The wire acts as extra reinforcement, not just the framework.
  • Building gabion walls doesn’t require much extra work compared to other fences.
  • Unlike brick walls, gabion walls are porous, so air and water flow through them instead of causing mold and damage.
  • Gabion structures are unique and more attractive than standard fencing.

Gabion Stone at O’Neills

4-8″ Nordic Ice Chunks

4-10″ Harvest Gold Chunks

4-10″ Black Diamond Chunks

4-10″ Silver Grey Chunks

4-8″ Blue Gold Round Chunks

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