Finbarr O’Neill Ltd. produce the materials that are required for a high quality and durable farm roadway, from our own quarries in Cork.

O’Neill’s Cork Red Sandstone

The geology of O’Neills sandstone is known as the Ballytrasna formation which is called Cork Old Red Sandstone. O’Neill’s red sandstone has been tested by MATTEST testing laboratory for ‘Determination of Resistance to Fragmentation’ – In accordance with EN 1097 – 2: 2010, and in doing so achieving excellent results. The properties of our red sandstone, contributes to the strength and durability of farm roads.

Our Farm Roadway Products Include;

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O’Neill’s Sandstone Farm Road Specification:

  • Remove sod and grass and lay 225mm (9″) depth of 50-100mm O’Neill’s Broken Stone
  • Lay 50 -75mm of O’Neills 50mm (2″) Red Sandstone Screenings
  • Cover with 50mm of depth of 5mm Red Sandstone Dust, with enough to ensure moisture for good compaction
  • Roll with vibrating roller

Farm Road – Design tips and guide to best practice

a) To avoid ponding on the road make sure that the roadway lies above the surface of the field

b) Make sure the road surface has a sufficient camber to allow drainage to take place. A crossfall of 1:20 to 1:30 to one side or to both sides should be sufficient depending on the slope of the land.

c) Road depth – at least 225mm to 300mm of hardcore material and 50mm of dust.

d) Surface layer – dusty material with biggest size pebble 5mm to 6mm. Use shale or red sandstone. Avoid using limestone dust.

e) To save grass from hoof damage – consider laying smaller spur roads connecting to the main roadway and or between large paddocks

f) Road width depends on cow numbers – typically 4 to 6 metres – are generally 1.5-2m

g) Repairs – regularly repair the stretch near the farmyard which is the most used part – raise levels, restore falls, remove hump of soil to allow drainage

To inquire about your Farm Roadway you can contact our Ballincollig Head Office at; 021-4871933 

For further information regarding recommended farm road build up and advice, please click on the Teagasc link below.