Boulders, Rocks & Water Features – Munster 

Boulders, Slate Rockery & Water Features.

Boulders and rockery stones come in all shapes and sizes from jagged and angular to semi-rounded. At O’Neills we have a wide range of rocks and boulders.

Landscape Boulders can serve as focal points to anchor a landscape and are also commonly used as natural seating. These rocks are perfect to enhance your yard.

The rocks are priced by weight, so if you have interest in a statement piece for your garden you can contact our sales team at 021 – 4871933 or you can call to our Ovens Quarry where we have plenty of the boulders on display – P31AH05 / 021 7331325.

These large hand-picked rocks usually serve as a focal point in your landscape. Because of this, they serve well as a height-adding backdrop for any foliage you need to highlight. Also, a large boulder adds gravitas and permanence to your design, creating a sense of calm eternity to the space you create

These statement rocks are perfect for home, kids play areas or as statement pieces in recreational parks. Below are pictures of our rocks and boulders.



For any queries do not hesitate to contact us! Get your garden summer ready now!